City Council Adopts Updated Zoning Map

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Pontiac City Council Adopts Updated Zoning Map
Changes were presented for the first time since 2014

Click Here To View The Zoning Map 

zoningmap2023Pontiac City Council recently approved a new Zoning Map on November 2. The arduous process began at a public hearing held during the Planning Commission Meeting on October 11. The document currently in use has not been revised since 2014, due in large part to a lack of staffing, record keeping and old technology in previous administrations. 

The purpose for this project is to reflect the approved and successful rezoning from the last 10 years that includes all ordinances, resolutions, and planning records reached. The Planning Division will maintain all changes to the zoning map and update it after each successful rezoning.

"Over the past 10 years, a number of zoning changes made by previous city councils before I became mayor were never reflected in the City’s official zoning map," said Mayor Greimel. "Our new planning staff has done a comprehensive review of zoning changes over the past decade and has updated the zoning map with an eye to ensuring that it accurately includes all past changes. Nonetheless, we encourage property owners to use the PDF or new interactive zoning map on the City’s website to look up their property. The new interactive map is helpful as an easy-to-use tool that has a link in the pop-up for each property to view the zoning regulations for that zoning district.”

The City does not attempt to rezone any properties that weren’t already approved to be rezoned. Residents, property owners, and interested developers may view a PDF and interactive version of the zoning map at to determine the zoning district of all surrounding properties. 

Those interested in viewing the updated web map on the City's web page can: 
•    Hover over "Departments
•    Click "Planning and Zoning Division"
•    Scroll down and click "view zoning map here (pdf)"

Those interested in the interactive map to view their zoning district on the City's website can:
•    Hover over "Departments". 
•    Click "Planning and "Zoning Division
•    Scroll down and click "View Zoning Map Here (Online Interactive)
•    Read the message and click "Agree
•    In the upper right hand corner, click the search icon. 
•    Type in your address to view your property and surrounding areas. 

For the first time, the City's overlay districts, conditional rezonings, and historic districts are included on the map.

Click Here To View The Zoning Map 

To discuss any comments or concerns you have about your location and the proposed Zoning Map, contact the Pontiac Planning Office at (248) 758-2816 to begin the application process.