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Councilperson Mikal Goodman is a lifelong resident of Pontiac, a dedicated public servant, and a passionate community leader. As the Councilperson for District 3, Mikal is committed to advocating for policies that improve the quality of life for Pontiac’s working-class residents. 

Education and Early Career

Mikal attended school in Pontiac and graduated valedictorian from the Arts and Technology Academy of Pontiac. He also Oakland Schools Technical Campus, earning multiple industry level Information Technology, Business, and Marketing certifications. Mikal holds an Associate degree from Oakland Community College. Before being elected to represent the people of District 3, he served as a Paraprofessional and Elective Instructor at the Arts and Technology Academy of Pontiac and was the Lead Political Organizer with Oakland Forward, where he organized grassroots efforts to transform Oakland County’s BIPOC and frontline communities.

Community Engagement and Advocacy

Mikal has dedicated much of his personal time to supporting organizations that drive change in Pontiac. He remains deeply connected with residents, building strong relationships with influential community leaders. His work has consistently focused on initiatives that provide access to quality, affordable housing and enhance the city’s environmental impact.

As the Executive Director of the Michigan Alliance for Justice In Climate (MAJIC), Mikal brings his extensive experience and passion for climate and environmental justice to the forefront, working on transformative policies that center the needs of Black and Brown Michiganders, who are often most affected by climate change. In addition to his council responsibilities, Mikal serves as the co-chair of the Metro Detroit Democratic Socialists of America advocating for a vision of environmental, economic and social justice for all people.

Leadership and Committee Roles

On the City Council, Mikal plays an active role as Chair of the Communications, Engagement, and Operations Committee. He also serves on several other committees including Parks, Recreation & Public Works, Law & the Court, and Finance & Personnel.

Councilperson Goodman was elected to represent City Council District Three in November 2021 to a four-year term expiring on January 1, 2026. He remains accessible to his constituents and can be contacted via email at MGoodman@pontiac.mi.us or by telephone at (248) 758-3015."