Tax Increment Finance Authority

The Tax Increment Finance Authority shall exercise its powers to prevent urban deterioration and encourage economic development and activity and to encourage neighborhood revitalization and historic preservation through the designation of a development area, plan and program within the City of Pontiac.


Membership: Not less than seven (7), nor more than thirteen (13), members, appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the City Council.

Meeting Times: Meets on an as needed basis. Meeting notices will be posted at least two (2) days prior to a meeting.

Term: Four (4) years, or until successor is appointed.


Earlene Baggett-Hayes
N.Z. Bryant
Kenneth Burch
Hon. Brenda Carter
Michael Goldman
Hon. Mark Holland
Leon Jukowski
Hon. Deirdre Waterman
Hon. Don Woodward

Rachel Loughrin, City Staff Liaison