Information Technology


Our mission is to provide the employees and contractors of the City of Pontiac with the most effective tools necessary for collecting, using, and disseminating information so that they may best serve the residents of Pontiac.


Our trained staff of computer professionals are the first line of action to take care of problems experienced by the employees and contractors of the City of Pontiac. 

Our helpdesk staff has the knowledge and experience to handle many types of support calls and can immediately forward to other IT staff more difficult issues. 

Whether it's network, desktop, hardware or application support, our desktop support staff has the skills to handle any issue that comes up. 


Network Support provides the link for all digital communications for the employees of the City of Pontiac. Using the latest technologies, they provide seamless, fast access across our computer network and out to the Internet. They have the advantage of years of experience and training in the most current methods of network management.

Our systems are protected by the latest in network anti-virus and firewall software.


Telephone communications provides the lifeblood of any organization, private or government. It can only be effective when it is reliable. Information Technology has hired professionals from the private sector with years of experience in telecommunications maintenance and management. They constantly check our phone service for quality and rapidly respond to any troubles.

They also have been instrumental in finding ways of saving the city hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating unused phone lines and services, removing obsolete technologies, standardizing services throughout the city and centralizing control over several areas of communication (telephones, pagers, cell phones, long distance carriers).


BS&A is the City of Pontiac's software system for the following areas:
Building Safety/Business Licensing
Complaint System

All financial transactions that occur in the city are recorded and implemented in BS&A.

The IT BS&A support staff are able to troubleshoot most problems that occur, often working with the staff from BS&A to come up with solutions. The staff provides administrative as well as technical support by granting access to users and making modifications to the BS&A database and application as necessary.

They also provide security to the system by tracking unauthorized requests for access and ensuring the integrity of user practices. The staff creates and delivers many financial reports, and prints Accounts Payable and Income Tax checks. In addition to supporting the BS&A Database, the staff creates and maintains several independent databases throughout the City of Pontiac.


This website is developed and maintained by the IT website support staff. Working in conjunction with the executive office, news and information about events within the city are made available to the public in a timely manner.

The goal is to make the website as visually appealing and useful as possible to the citizens of Pontiac and anyone interested in visiting our city. The other goal is to provide citizens with as many services as possible without them having to come to city hall. Many forms, manuals and other documents are available through the website.