Pontiac Recycling News

Public Works

Subscription Curbside Recyling is now available to Pontiac residents who currently use the curbside garbage collection service. Cost is $13.50 every three months, paid in advance. Recycling will be picked up on the regularly-scheduled trash pickup day. Call 888-443-1717 and say that you are a Pontiac/Advanced Disposal customer and are requesting paid subscription service for curbside recycling only.

Free weekly recycling drop off service to residents is still available. Recyclables can be brought to the City Hall parking lot on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

A FREE Pontiac resident drop off service is available to the Pontiac/Advanced Disposal Collier Rd Landfill/Transfer Station located at 575 Collier Rd in Pontiac during limited business hours. Call the Pontiac/Advanced Disposal Landfill/Transfer Station at (248) 454-1807 for recycling hours.

Proof of Pontiac residency such as a driver's license will be required at the site for access and use of the recycling drop off services.

Accepted recyclables include corrugated cardboard, paperboard, box board, magazines, catalogs, newspaper, brown paper, telephone books, plastic containers (marked #1 or #2 only), glass bottles (clear, brown, green, & blue only), glass jars (clear, brown, green, & blue only), metal food and beverage containers. Recyclables accepted must be clean and free of garbage or food wastes.

Unacceptable items include items not listed above and cellophane, paper milk cartons, pizza boxes, drink boxes, books, paper orange juice cartons, antifreeze containers, oil containers, butter tubs, yogurt containers, & sour cream containers.