Community Development

Community Development plans, coordinates, implements, monitors and evaluates city-wide property rehabilitation and new construction development proposals and implements programs where economically feasible. They also coordinate the acquisition and disposition of real estate with the city and provide on-going maintenance of CDBG parcels.

2014 Community Development Annual Report
Click here to download the 2014 Community Development Annual Report
Notice of a Public Hearing
Doing Business in Pontiac" Video"Doing Business in Pontiac" is a new video highlighting the opportunities for  businesses in the City of Pontiac. Click on the image on the right to view the video.

Pontiac Economic Recovery Plan

In conjunction with Oakland County, the City of Pontiac, through a grant from the Economic Development Administration, is in the process of preparing an economic recovery plan for the City of Pontiac.  The plan encourages community input.  Please refer to all of the information found on the plan’s web site and participate in the community survey. Click here to go to the plan's website.

CAPER for Program Year 2013

On November 17th, a public hearing was held to present the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) for the City of Pontiac for the 2013 program year.

Click here to read the CAPER for Program Year 2013

Building Safety & Planning Quarterly Report

Each quarter our Building Saftety & Planning Department will produce a report detailing the number and types of permits issued, number of inspections made, as well as an analysis of of all activities.

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Form Description

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