Road Closures -  Kennett Road and ML King Jr. Blvd

Hollywood Ave. between W. Kennett Rd & W. Mansfield Ave. permanently closed effective August 22, 2022. Click here for the announcement by Racer Trust

ML King Jr. Blvd. closed at CN/GTW Railroad Bridge. Due to a need for critical structural repairs, Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. will be closed at the CN/GTW bridge for vehicular and pedestrian traffic until repairs can be completed.
MLK Jr. Blvd will remain open between Woodward Ave. and the bridge, but will be closed between the bridge and South Blvd. E.
WESTBOUND SOUTH BLVD.: South Blvd. to Woodward Ave. Woodward Ave. south back to ML King Blvd. Ave.
EASTBOUND SOUTH BLVD.:: Northbound Woodward Avenue to South Blvd.