General Employees Retirement System & VEBA Trust

Boards and Commissions

VEBA Trust Implementation Timeline
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Open Enrollment for Retiree Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits
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Effective April 1, 2021, the General Employees' Retirement System (GERS) is replaced by the City of Pontiac Reestablished General Employees Retirement System.
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Important Documents Regarding The CPREA agreement

Important Notice About Health Benefits for City of Pontiac Retirees and Their Families
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Many retirees and their families have been asking questions about the new City of Pontiac VEBA.
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Purpose: The Board of Trustees is vested with the general administration, management and responsibility for the proper operation of the retirement system and for making effective the provisions of the City of Pontiac Retirement System Ordinance.

Membership: There are eleven (11) members; the Mayor; a member of the City Council; Finance Director of the City; one PGH-Member Trustee; one Retiree-Trustee; three citizens appointed by the City Council who are electors and freeholders of the city and who are not eligible to receive benefits, referred to as Citizen Trustees; three (3) members of the retirement system, one active employee and two members who may be either active, retired or deferred.

Meeting Times: 10:00 a.m. at the Retirement Office, 2201 Auburn Rd.  Suite B, Auburn Hills, MI  48326.  Go to for the current meeting calendar.

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The Board of Trustees of the City of Pontiac Reestablished General Employees' Retirement System has call for a special meeting to be held on Tuesday, December 20, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. at the Retirement Office, 2201 Auburn Rd. Suite B, Auburn Hills MI
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The City of Pontiac  VEBA Trust will be holding four enrollment meetings to discuss the retiree health care benefits and obtain vital information. These meetings will be both in person and through Zoom
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The City of Pontiac VEBA Trust is seeking proposals for the following (click to view):
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about the system including minutes, reports,
forms, ordinances, policies and requests for proposals
General Employees Retirement Board Minutes 
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Term: Four (4) year or until successor is appointed or elected and deemed qualified.


Sheldon Albritton, Chairman: Citizen-Trustee (Term 2019 – 2023)

Darin Carrington – Finance Director & Secretary

Robert Giddings, Vice-Chair: Hospital-Trustee (Term 2021 – 2025)

Mayor Tim Greimel: Mayor (ex-officio)

Lisa King: Member-Trustee (Term 2020 – 2024)

James Miriani: Member-Trustee (2020 - 2024)

William Parker, Jr.: Council Trustee (ex-officio)

Billie Swazer: Member-Trustee (Term 2020 – 2024)

James Walker: Citizen-Trustee (Term 2022 – 2026)

Patrice Waterman (partial term 2022 – 2023)

John White: Citizen Trustee (Term 2022 - 2026)