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Report a Pothole

Please click here to access the "Request for Action" page to report a pothole. Select "Pothole" from action type.

Some questions about potholes:

Are there different kinds of repairs?

During cold weather, temporary repairs are made with cold patch   asphalt, because the weather is too chilly to use hot asphalt. Hot asphalt is   used for permanent repairs during warmer weather.

Do some roads have more potholes than others?

Roads with high traffic volumes have more potholes due to   amount of use. Bridges and ramps, which receive heavy doses of snow removal   chemicals in the winter, are more prone to potholes.

Can anything be done to prevent potholes?

Roads today are built to reduce their moisture capacity,   and researchers are working to develop a better, more durable pavement.   Researchers also have improved the cold-patch asphalt so those patches last   longer.

Click here for a diagram of how potholes are formed

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