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Lock Box and Property Tax Bill Services
--Addendum 1 Response to Question 1
--Addendum 2 Q&A
--Addendum 2 BidNet Confirmation
--Addendum 3 Milestone Update
--Addendum 3 Q&A
--Addendum 4 MIlestone Update
On-call Mowing and Weed Abatement Services
Group Violence Intervention RFP
--Pre Bid Conference
Waste Management Services (RFP)
--Sample Contract
--Binder Appendix C
--Addendum 2 Milestone Update
--Addendum 4 Milestone Update
--Addendum 5 MIlestone Update
--Addendum 6 Q&A
Housing Study and Needs Assessment (RFP)
--Addendum 1 Q&A
--Addendum 2 Pre-Bid & Bid Opening Teams Link
--Addendum 3 Pre-Bid Meeting Canceled
--Addendum 4 Pre-Bid Meeting with Link and Q&A Milestone Update
--Addendum 5 Question Deadline and Public Opening
--Addendum 6 Question Deadline Time
--Addendum 7 Instruction Notice
    BidNet Electronic Bid Submission Guide
--Addendum 8 Proposal Requirements
--Addendum 9 Milestone Date Changes
Street Light Maintenance (RFP) 24-27S--Master Plan
--Appendix A Price Sheet
--Sample Service Contract
--Addendum 1 Revised Timetable and Price Sheet
--Addendum 2 Bid Opening Link
Master Plan Services (RFP)
--Master Plan
--Addendum 1 Milestone Updates
--Addendum 2 Q&A
--Addendum 3 Q&A
--Addendum 4 Q&A
Homeless Intervention Initiaitve (RFP)
--Addendum 1 Milestone Update
Building and Trade Inspectors/Plan Reviewers
--Addendum 1 Bid Opening Date
Architectural and Engineering Professional Design Services - Community Recreation Center
--Addendum 1 Pre-Bid Conference List
--Addendum 2 Milestone Schedule Change
--Addendum 3 Q&A Date Change
--Addendum 4 Bid Due Date Change
--Addendum 5 Q&A
--Addendum 6 Build America Buy America
--Addendum 7 Milestone Schedule Change
--Addendum 8 Milestone Schedule Change
--Addendum 9 Q&A Where to Go
--Addendum 10 Timeline Update Teams Link Added
--Addendum 11 Guidelines
Design, Print and Mail Services - Communications Department Newsletter (RFP)
General Contractors (Lead & Asbestos Certified) for Home Repair Program - Solicitation No. 24-690-001
--Addendum 1 Form Information
--Addendum 2 Q&A
--Addendum 3 Binder

--Addendum 4 Bid Opening
--Addendum 5 Intent to Award
Building and Trade Inspectors/Plan Reviewers
--Addendum 1 Bid Opening Date
 Insurance Broker Services (RFQ)
-Addendum 1 Insurance
-Addendum 2 Q&A Response
-Notice of Cancellation of Original RFP
--Addendum 3 Bid Opening Link
 Technical Assistance Services (TAS) for Small Business Owners Solicitation NO. 24-ARPA-003
--Addendum 1 Correction on RFP
--Addendum 2 Correction on RFP
--Addendum 3 Pre-bid Conference
--Addendum 4 Bidnet Instructions
--Addendum 5 Guidelines
--Addendum 6 Q and A
--Addendum 8 Q and A
--Addendum 9 Revized Milestone
     Sample Contract
--Addendum 10 Intent to Award
On Call Mowing and Weed Abatement RFQ
Demolition Services & Site Clearance of Multi-Family Residential and Commercial Property
--Addendum 1 City Response to Questions
Bid Tabulation Results
Design Construction Traffic and Bridge Engineering Services
--Addendum 1 Link to Access Bid Opening
Ballfield Restoration (RFP)
--Sample Contract
--Substitute Form W9
Janitorial and Custodial Services (RFQ
--Addendum 1
--Addendum 2
--Addendum 3 Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet Solitation No. 23-81-4001
--Addendum 4
Housing Study and Needs Assessment
-- Addendum 1 Q&A
Ballfield Restoration
--Sample Contract
--Substitute Form W9
Transportation Services
--Addendum 1 Milestone Update
--Addendum 2 Milestone Update
--Addendum 3 Q&A
Janitorial & Custodial RFQ
--Addendum 1
--Addendum 2
--Addendum 3 Pre-Bid Sign In Sheet, Solicitation No. 23-814-001
--Addendum 4
2023 Speed Cushion Installation Project
Evening Lawn Chair Concert Series Production Company
--Addendum 1 Questions & Answers
--Addendum 2 Milestone Update
Arts Crawl Production Company
--Addendum 1 Milestone Update
On Call Mowing and Weed Abatement
--Addendum 1 Milestone Update
Paint Inspection/Risk Assessment Services
--Addendum 1
Kennett Road Landfill Development
-- Addendum 1 Q&A
--Addendum 3, Milestone RFQ Extension
--Addendum 5, Lease Termination
Cemetery Roof Repair
--Addendum 1
--Addendum 2 Cost List
Right of Way Signage Maintenance
Cemetery Managed Care Services
--Addendum 1 Milestone Schedule
--Addendum 2 Milestone Schedule
--Addendum 3
--Addendum 4
--Addendum 5 Milestone Schedule
--Addendum 6 Milestone Schedule
--Addendum 7 Q&A
--Addendum 8 Utilities
As Needed Demolition Services
--Addendum 1 Cost Proposal
--Addendum 2 Pre-bid Sign Up Sheet
--Addendum 3
--Addendum 4 Milestone Schedule
--Addendum 5 Q&A
--Addendum 6 Milestone Schedule
Lead and Asbestos Abatement Services
--Pre-Bid Sign In Sheets
--Addendum 2  Milestone and Requirement Changes
--Addendum 3 Q&A
--Addendum 4 Q&A
--Addendum 5 Milestone Update
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