Frequently Asked Questions


How do I pay my property taxes, income taxes, special assessments? How do I get a dog license?

How do I look up property, property tax and building permit information online?

How do I pay my water bill? What If I have a water or sewer emergency? What is a Precautionary Boil Water Notice?

How do I file my city income taxes?

How do I register to vote? Where do I vote? How do I get a copy of a birth/death/marriage certificate?

How do I contact my elected representative?

How do I get a building permit or a business license?

How do I report a pothole, grass & tree, unshoveled snow, storm drain or streetlight outage complaint?

How do I get my event on the community calendar?

How does the special trash pickup work? What is the refuse collection schedule for my neighborhood?

How do I get a  new street sign or traffic light for my neighborhood?

What is the Great Lakes Water Authority?