Water Maintenance Division


In the event a water or sewer emergency has taken place at your residence or business, a water and sewer department employee and/or supervisor will respond to your location and assist in evaluating the problem. Please call 248-335-6399 with your name, address and telephone number. After 4:30 on weekdays we will transfer your call to our emergency number and they will call out a crew. If you call after business hours, or on a weekend or holiday, your call will automatically transfer to that number.

Important Numbers
  • Water & Sewer Regular Hours: 248-335-6399
  • Emergency: 248-335-6399

The City of Pontiac Water and Sewer Maintenance Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of: City water supply system (including pump house, mains, hydrants, valves and meters) and the operation and maintenance of storm sewers and sanitary sewer system (including 11 sewage lift stations).

  • Repair and maintenance of water and sewer mains and related structures, such as lift stations and generators, fire hydrants, gate wells, sanitary sewer manholes and water shut off valves.
  • Replacement or repair of leaking, noisy or stopped water meters.
  • Field marking for underground water and sewer utility locations within the road right-of-way or utility easement. Mark-outs are not provided on private property.
  • Management of all subdivision irrigation sprinkling meters, whereby the meters are removed in the fall and installed in the spring by township water personnel.
  • Investigation of possible water service line leaks and sanitary sewer back ups.
  • Answer customer inquiries regarding their water and sewer bill.
  • Administration of programs required by State and Federal agencies, such as sump pump and roof drain inspections, sanitary sewer televising and cleaning, water distribution system gate valve exercising and MDEQ cross connection control inspections. The department does not perform cleaning of sanitary sewer service lines on private property.



As of October 1, 2012, Water and Sewer bill payments will no longer be accepted at the City Hall Treasurers Office. Water and Sewer payments may be made at:
United Water Pontiac Operations Center
522 South Opdyke Road,
Pontiac, MI 48341
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. - (248) 335-6399

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Effective September 1, 2012, The monthly Sewer Administrative Charge will be $11.52. There will also be a Sewer Flat Rate of $53.95.

Click here for the "Letter to Residence" explaining the new charges.

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Water & Sewer Billing:

The Water & Sewer Maintenance Division is responsible for the billing and collection of fees for water, and and sanitary sewer services. Division staff also reads and maintains all water meters and assists residents in locating water leaks in their homes.

Our administrative office is located at 522 South Opdyke Road, Pontiac. The Water Department is open from Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Residents can contact the Water & Sewer Maintenance Division at 248-335-6399 for further information.


Billing & Collection:

Payment of Water and Sewer Bills:

Payment of water and sewer bills can be made at United Water Pontiac Operations Center 522 South Opdyke Road, Pontiac, MI 48341, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. except on holidays. Payments can also be mailed to City of Pontiac, P.O. Box 805046, Chicago, IL 60680-4111. Residents may also elect to pay their water bills automatically through their banks. Please contact your bank for further instruction.

Billing Periods:

In general, residential & commercial water and sewer accounts are billed monthly. A penalty of 10% on the outstanding balance is added to accounts for bills paid after the due date. Delinquent reminder notices are mailed out quarterly. In May and October, all balances six months past due will be transferred to property taxes in the form of a lien.

Disconnection/Reconnection of Water Service:

If the water service to a property is disconnected, there will be a $52 disconnect/reconnect fee charged to the account. Once disconnected, all balances due are to be paid in cash or money order only. No checks will be accepted. Any requests for service reconnections after 4:30 pm will result in an overtime charge. Furthermore, all requests for service reconnections after normal Water & Sewer Maintenance Division working hours are subject to the availability of City personnel.

Recourse for a High Water & Sewer Bill:

If a water & sewer bill is disputed, a resident may request any or all of the following:

  • Meet with the Water & Sewer Billing Supervisor of the to discuss the bill and determine the appropriate course of action.

Requesting Final Water and Sewer Bills:

When purchasing, selling or renting a property, residents need to request a final water & sewer bill to ensure that the right party is paying for the water service up to the agreed upon date.

Water Rates and Connection Charges


What to do if your basement or sewage drains backup.

Call 248-335-6399 with your name, address, telephone number to report this problem. We will dispatch a sewer crew as soon as one becomes available. After 4:30 on weekdays we will transfer your call to our emergency number and they will call out a crew. If you call after business hours, or on a weekend or holiday, your call will automatically transfer to that number.

If the problem is determined to be a City sewer main problem you may be eligible to file a damage claim through the City’s Risk Management Division located in City Hall 47450 Woodward Avenue, Pontiac, MI 48342. If this is the case, we will need to make arrangements to enter your property and photograph the alleged damages. These photos would be made available to Risk Management upon the filing of a claim.

Please be advised that most of the calls we receive are backups due to rain or ground water (which will naturally drain out over time), or tree roots blocking your sanitary sewer lead. The property owner is responsible for all internal sewer plumbing including the building lead out to where it meets the sanitary main.

If the problem is determined to be a “house problem”, you will need to contact a private Company to come out and clean your sanitary lead. Unfortunately, for the sake of City liability, we are unable to recommend any particular company over any other.

Water Meter Change-out Program, what is it, do I have to comply?

The City is in the fourth year of a water meter change-out program. This program is necessary because our water meters are in excess of 10 years old and they are either beginning to slow down, or the battery in the transponder is no longer functioning properly in sending out its information. The life of the battery is roughly ten years. In order to accurately measure the water we sell to you, the water Meter must be functional in both sending out the reads and recording your water consumption. Also, a water meter will only record usage when water is pushing through it; it is driven solely by the force of running water.

If you have received a letter about this please call us to schedule an appointment. If your bill is being estimated, please contact us to see if we need to check or change your meter.

You must comply with this request; although the meter is on your premises, it is Property of the City. When our personnel come to your location, they will be wearing a United Water uniform and will have a photo ID for your protection. They will also arrive in a United Water vehicle bearing the United Water logo on the side.

Please be advised that none of our workers will come to you on behalf of United Water or the City of Pontiac to collect money. Also, you may not pay any worker directly, you must make payment to the City treasurer, located at City Hall, 47450 Woodward Avenue, Pontiac, MI, or it can be mailed as directed on your billing statement.

What to do if you have no water.

Call the Water & Sewer Maintenance division at 248-335-6399 to inquire about lack of water to your address. We may ask if your bill is paid or other questions pertinent to your problem, not to offend you, simply to get your call to the appropriate party.

We may also report to you that we are performing work which has required the water to be turned off in your area. We will do our best to notify you in advance and/or give you a time frame in which to expect the water to be turned back on. In the case of emergencies, such as water main breaks, we are not always able to contact everyone; feel free to contact the Water & Sewer Division should you experience a loss of water services at 248-335-6399.

Please be advised that we do not supply hot water, we only supply water. A lack of hot water may be attributed to many things, and we will recommend that you first contact Consumers Energy. We cannot light the pilot on your water heater, or perform any other non-water related tasks. For your convenience the phone number to Consumers is 1-800-477-5050.

What is MISS DIG? Why/when do I need to call? What happens when I call?

According to their web site it is: a clearinghouse for calls to request staking of all utilities. A Michigan wide one-call excavation safety and utility damage-prevention company that has received in excess of 16 million staking requests since the one-call center opened in 1970

You need to call this number: if you plan to dig call MISS DIG at 800-482-7171 or 811. It is a FREE service available to anyone in the State of MI.

We will receive your request via fax /email directly from MISS DIG, and the City will send out personnel to mark the appropriate services. We will ONLY mark City services, which is why the one-call center was created. They will send requests for staking to all utilities on the requestor’s behalf. We will NOT mark City services without a MISS DIG request, there is a process for emergencies through their system, giving them priority when necessary.

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