The Purchasing Division is the centralized purchasing arm of the City. This division is responsible for coordinating the acquisition of goods and services for all City departments. The Purchasing Division assists departments in developing bid packages to be forwarded to potential vendors and is responsible for awarding purchase orders and contracts to the lowest responsible bidder, in accordance with City Ordinances and policies. Here you can download forms, applications and other documents from Purchasing's library.

Acceptance of Proposals
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Assessing Contract
Building and Safety Contract
Fire Protection and Medical Response Services
Lawn Care Services
Benefit Consultation
Dispatch Services
Downtown Parking Management
EMS Services
Engineering Services
Information Technology
Janitorial Services
Lease, Jaycee Park
Lease, Old Kennett Road Landfill
Purchase of Water
Rizzo, Host Community Agreement
Strand Theater
Traffic Signal Maintenance
Tree Maintenance
Winter Maintenance Major Roads
Winter Road Maintenance
Mowing Service Contracts - United Lawnscape, WB Maintenance, Elam Service Group
Legal Services
Sanitation Services
Street Patching
Accounting Services
Traffic Sign Maintenance
Streetlight Maintenance
Election Services
Public Works and Fleet Services
Intergovernmental Agreement JABG Grant
Street Sweeping
Rehman Audit Engagement Letter


Purchasing Forms & Requests for Proposals (RFP)

Current Requests for Proposals Description/Prebid Meeting Date

Request for Bids Abestos Abatement
--Batch 11
--Batch 12
--Batch 13

Request for Bids to provide Asbestos Abatement services
for sub-standard vacant residential structuresfor the
City of Pontiac.

Request for Bids
Home Demolition - Batch 9

Request for Bids to provide Demolition Services for
sub-standard vacant residential structures for the
City of Pontiac

Request for Proposals - Landfill Testing
--Map to Site Visit
--Addendum 1
--Addendum 1 memo
--Monitoring Plan
--Monitoring Report
--Self Monitoring Report
--Monitoring Data
--Monitoring Parameters
--Discharge Permit

Request for Proposals to provide
Landfill Testing services for the City of Pontiac.

A site visit to the Collier Road Landfill is scheduled for
Tuesday, December 9th @ 2:00 PM.  Anyone wishing to
visit the site at that time should RSVP via email to: 
jbalint@pontiac.mi.us by close of business on Monday,
December 8th

We will meet in the parking lot on the North side of
Collier Road, East side of Highwood Road. Please see
map (click here).
  Please bring a safety vest and hard
hat in order to walk the site. 

Request for Bids - Downtown Decorative
Street Lighting

Request for bids to purchase new decorative
street lamps in Downtown Pontiac

Request for Bids - Catch Basin Cleaning
--Addendum 1

Request for bids to provide Catch Basin
Cleaning Services for the City of Pontiac
Forms Description

W-9 Form (PDF)

All vendors are required to file a W-9
with the city purchasing office before
they can be entered into the city's
finance system
Office Location: 47450 Woodward Avenue 
Pontiac MI 48342
Business Hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Telephone Number:

(248) 758-3120
(248) 758-3188 (FAX)

Purchasing Agent :  Dorenda Werdlow