Code Enforcement

Community Development


Mission - provide fair and unbiased service that creates a safe and healthy environment for all
The Code Enforcement Division of the Building Safety and Planning Department strives to keep Pontiac beautiful through ensuring that all residents and property owners respect each other by maintaining their properties in a safe and attractive manner.  
Creating a Blight-Free Pontiac
Click here to read important guidelines for every Pontiac resident and landowner to keep our city free of blight.Understand your personal and legal responsibilty to keep your property free of blight conditions. 

All properties must be free of nuisances that may impact adjoining properties.  Common issues include abandoned or inoperable vehicles, tall grass and noxious weeds, blight (poorly maintained properties), illegal signs, parked cars on lawn areas, outdoor storage, and other items.

These enforcement requirements are included in the International Property Maintenance Code 2015 that has been adopted by the City of Pontiac and several State statutes and City of Pontiac local ordinances. 
The beauty and charm of our neighborhoods are among Pontiac’s most precious assets.  Code Enforcement strives to reduce blight and remove all unsafe conditions throughout the City while working for a cleaner, healthier, and more attractive community for all.